Valentina Passalacqua
creator of Gargano

For years, the Gargano has given me perpetual joy and hope. I have built my own philosophy inspired by this land that has encouraged me to tune in, listen and truly appreciate these many loving gifts.
My wines are dear to me, like children. I reflect on their different identities and qualities, promoting them in their special harmony. And when they are ready, I share them with the world.
I played in the countryside under the warm sun of Gargano, caressed by the salty winds of the sea. My vineyards preserve and renew these memories. Each vineyard holds its own unique story that I must be in tune with in order to truly represent the land.

wine in the Gargano

My work has no secrets. In collaboration with artists and other skilled workers, I appreciate what the world offers me. My goal with wine is to give meaning and purpose to these gifts. Through art and craftsmanship, my wines are fragments of the soul of the Gargano, known as "The Mountain of the Sun." Its natural beauty is enormous. It stretches from the magnificent limestone of the promontory that juts out into the beautiful Adriatic Sea, to the tranquil, ancient Umbra forest dotted with the herbaceous scents of Mediterranean scrub that grow throughout the National Park. We want to share and give you a taste of this magical place.

collections Valentina Passalacqua



Femininity, emotionality, perfumes


9 is enough

Innovation, maximum selection, low alcohol content and extreme freshness



Masculinity, verticality, freshness and minerality