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Viticultural practices have ancient roots in Gargano and we strive to continue with the least possible intervention. My vineyards are largely located on a stony, dry soil called limestone. It has been constantly baked in the sun and beaten by the salty winds of the Mediterranean.
This terroir favors strong, hardy vines that can maximize their resources and accumulate nutrients. We grow grapes like Nero di Troia, Bombino, Negroamaro, Fiano, Primitivo and Falanghina because they thrive here naturally. Our vines are able to transfer their energy and aromas to their grapes without gaining too much sugar. They retain acidity and tons of minerality, which you can really taste in the wine.
We avoid any chemical and excessive mechanical intervention. We use only biodynamic and other biologically sound techniques, which guarantee us maximum transparency and respect for our native environment. These practices also allow us to better integrate with the rhythms of nature.
The work in the winery is inspired by a single fundamental principle: to be able to express nature with the least human intervention possible. Each of our wines ferments on its own with native yeast, naturally occurring in the wind. Using various fermentation vessels, we carefully allow each collection of wine to express itself in the most natural way possible.

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Among the artists I work with, of course I'm with them! The world of wine has captured me like no other. I have studied, experimented and understood my direction through wine. My work is an ongoing effort with the many possibilities and rhythms offered by the earth, sky and plants. It is an inexhaustible medium that I have been fortunate to encounter and learn to love.

The philosophy of Peaceful Living, that is getting pleasure from the small daily things, is the base of every activity we do. Vineyards are our treasures and we take care of them in the smallest details and with constant respect. The work in every vineyard finds meaning and realization, which in turn is transmitted to others.
The goal is to obtain wines that express the quality and variety offered by our land. We want each wine to be a distinct individual, with its own beauty and character. We want to bottle the energy we experience as we watch these sons and daughters of the Earth grow.

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Femininity, emotionality, perfumes


9 is enough

Innovation, maximum selection, low alcohol content and extreme freshness



Masculinity, verticality, freshness and minerality